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Start Achieving the Goals You Originally Set Yourself

Personal Training in Sutton Coldfield

Maybe you’ve tried dieting on your own. Maybe you’ve joined a weight watching organisation. Maybe you joined a gym with good intentions but you’re not sure what you’re doing. Whatever it is, you’ve found this site for a reason – you’re not happy with your progress and that’s where we come in!

Not only do we know what it takes to achieve your health and fitness goals, we hold you accountable and celebrate your achievements along the way. Plus, we remove a lot of the guesswork that people find frustrating. That results in a happier, healthier you!

We Have Many Happy Clients

Different People, Different Goals, Different Payment Options


Options for 5, 10 and 15 sessions

£20per personper session
Discounts available for 10 and 15 session packagesPay up front or through Direct Debit


Options for 5, 10 and 15 sessions

£30per Session
Discounts available for 10 and 15 session packagesPay up front or through Direct Debit


3 Session a Week

£75Per Week
12 week Transformation packagePay up front or through Direct Debit

All Training Packages Include

  • Full Consultation
  • Ongoing Assessments
  • Personalised Nutrition Plan
  • Support and Advice
  • Selection of Relevant eBooks
  • Optional Before & After Photos
  • Training Plan and Updates

Pay up front or through Direct Debit

Variety is Key
Boredom is often why people cancel their gym memberships. Personal Training with Become More will continually introduce you to new exercises and techniques. This keeps training interesting and educates you so you’re comfortable when you train on your own.


Maximise Your Time
Do you struggle to fit exercise into your day? Become More sessions are just 45-minutes long and they’re designed to make the most of your time. Sessions are more intense than what you would do on your own and my knowledge maximises every movement for the best results.


Set a Routine
Consistency is crucial to success in health and fitness but with such busy lives, people often fall out of their routine. They end up training less until the point where they’re no longer training but they’re still paying for their gym membership with intentions of attending. As your trainer, I keep you on track and ensure no matter how busy you get, you still make time to look after your health.

FAQ’s about Personal Training with Become More

Everyone has different goals: weight loss, muscle toning, reduced depression, diabetes, cardiac risks or chronic pain. As such, every workout and nutrition programme we create is customised specifically with YOUR results in mind. The cost depends on your preferred package, your goals and the frequency of your training but prices generally start at £30 per session, with discounts available for the larger packages. For instance, people looking for a quick transformation will need to train with us 3 times per week while others may be content with just one session per week. The best thing to do is book a free personal training consultation. It’s risk-free. We’ll map out a programme that best suits your goals and give you a couple of training options that fit within your budget.

At Become More we want you to succeed! So even if you train with us just one time per week, we can create workout and nutrition plans you can follow outside of our training sessions so you can continue to progress towards your goals.

Each workout and nutrition plan is customised to your level of fitness and food preferences. So if weight loss is your goal, then we will educate you on the best workouts and diet plans available.

warning WARNING: We do NOT promote quick weight loss programmes. Fast weight loss programmes do not work in the long term. We only promote lifestyle changes and healthy habits that you can implement for life-long wellness and vitality. If you’re looking for a quick fix, we’re not the trainers for you.

Book Your Free Personal Trainer Consultation

1. Establish your base level of health
2. Take current health measurements
3. Talk about your previous experience with fitness or nutrition (if any)
4. Define your specific goals
5. Set a time line for reaching those goals
6. Map out a couple of training options that fit your budget